How to open Senior Secondary School in India?

In order to open or franchisee a senior secondary school in India the basic requirement remain same, first you have to decide type of school to start whether affiliated to CBSE, ICSE or International Baccalaureate or IGCSE which requires a thorough study of the bye-laws and then associate the school with a Trust or Society or Section 8 company which is legally registered under respective registration acts.

Open / Start a School in India and CBSE Affiliation

The most preferred education board in India is the Central Board of Secondary Education. To get the CBSE Affiliation, land of at least 2 acres is essential; the land either own or be procured on leased for at least 30 years. Once you finalize the land, start planning its construction without delay. Appoint a contractor or an architect to design your school building and its office according to the necessities of CBSE. It is important to take care that you have student’s safety measures in place, big playgrounds, colorful classes, proper ventilation and sanitation etc. After your school is ready and all the construction work is finished, the next step is to get the recognition.

Approach the Department of Education for recognition

Apply to the Department of Education of the State Government for your school’s recognition. Once it is recognized, appoint the Head of your school and business manager. The ratio of teachers and students, the qualifications of principal and other staff according to the CBSE bye-laws must be strictly adhered. Start interviewing candidates and select qualified and experienced staff for office, subject experts as teachers, full time maids etc.

Promotion of your franchise school

Promote your school through newspaper advertisements, brochures, hoardings, banners etc. Design a website and set up a mailing list to keep interested parents in touch with your advancement. After promoting your school, open the school office and begin admission interviews. Ask your appointed teachers to plan syllabus, teaching strategies, learning environment, buy teaching aids etc. You can schedule a formal opening ceremony, which will be a happy occasion, before or after one week from the beginning of your school’s session. Prepare a welcome dialogue addressing students and their parents about your goals and how your school is going to benefit the society.

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