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Cambridge Public School Foundation provides excellent primary school franchise opportunities for those with resources to run an education franchisee. With an experience of more than 10 years, Cambridge Public School Foundation carries the trust and goodwill of the Cambridge Public School Foundation brand. Over the years, Cambridge Public School Foundation has grown to become a trendsetter in the field of education. We give franchise of primary school in Uttarakhand. We have created a caring, loving and secure environment for children according to their age. Our nursery plan is aimed at children aged between 4 to 5 years. The nursery plan is a comprehensive, focused and skill-based program.

The program is perfect to help prepare your child for full-time formal schooling.

The program lays emphasis on continuous development of language skills and learning.

The nursery program is designed in such a way that it facilitates smooth transition from preschool to the structured learning environs of the formal school.

Motive of Cambridge Public School Foundation

We at Cambridge Public School Foundation are concerned to lay a strong foundation for each child. Our motive is to establish quality schools in the country for generations to come. If anyone wants to invest in the Best Primary School in Uttarakhand, you should know that obligations are minimal, but benefits are more. As a franchisee, you gain the right to use the Cambridge Public School Foundation brand, social media content, and support in hosting events. We provide an effective solution with the proper backing to associate with the Best Primary School in Uttarakhand with social recognition. Cambridge family also believes that whatever children learn has a significant impact on their future opportunities. Thus, investing in education is the best way to attain positivity in children’s lives and their community.

Middle School Franchisee

We at Cambridge Public School Foundation give franchisee for Middle school in Uttar Pradesh. In the Middle School years, the students would experience the joy of learning, gain a deep understanding of important concepts, develop research and experimental skills and learn to accept personal responsibility for actions, decisions and outcomes. The endeavour would be to make learning more learner centered. Therefore, the focus in addition to bringing academic rigor would be on projects and presentations based on group activities, which inculcate the values of team work. At this level, some of the approaches that will be adopted are:

  • Active and Process/Product Based Learning
  • Reflective Learning
  • Social Learning
  • Inquiry Based Learning
  • Integrated and Interdisciplinary learning
  • Research and Referral
  • Out of the Box thinking

Along with the essential Scholastic areas, the rich and varied Co- Scholastic program would include exchange programs, educational trips and community service.

Secondary School Franchisee

By setting up a Secondary School franchise in Haryana, you not only become a valuable contributor to the cause of education, but also reap the rewards of associating with an organization that has been lauded for its efforts and initiatives in the academic sphere. We are happy to invite you as associates in our journey, so that we can collaborate with a shared vision. Our franchisees, over the years have become an intrinsic part of the Cambridge Public School Foundation family, and have gone on to set up more than one school over the years. When you choose to become a franchisee, as our partner school, you can be assured of consistent hand holding - right from selecting and purchasing the land to operations and enrolments. We also provide complete and comprehensive training to the teachers and the school principals to help them know the Cambridge Public School Foundation way of learning. All franchisees are provided step by step guidance to ensure that they can seamlessly manage the day to day running of a school. The Cambridge Public School Foundation uniquely designed curriculum has won accolades from the industry, but more importantly, it has earned the respect and appreciation of parents. It has built the foundation of our alumni, who have started becoming achievers in the recent years. As India's most trusted brand in education, we carry a goodwill of 10 years, which right away gives you a head start when you are setting up. Our tried, tested and constantly evolving business model will ensure returns to you from the day the secondary school opens its gates to welcome students.

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