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We need more and more good feature proficient schools to broaden the social cause of education and to amplify the literacy rate in India. In India, opening a school is a time unbearable process but the unending demand of the schools has increased the interests of more and more people as they are stepping ahead to start a venture. CBSE is a self-financing body that takes into contemplation the needs and necessities of the affiliated schools. CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) affiliation is the most popular school examination board. The function of this education board is to accomplish school examinations and widen school curriculum for its affiliated schools in India. CBSE affiliations (provisional and permanent) to schools include various rules that need to be followed by them. Besides this, it plays the role of quality controller as well by providing quality education to the affiliated schools. It is the most trusted and popular affiliation board of India.

Requirements and Permissions

One can start with a primary school and later take CBSE affiliation for class 8th onwards. But, establishing a CBSE school from the very beginning guarantees quality education and full maintain of the CBSE Board. School setting is not just about constructing physical infrastructure, building classrooms and setting up libraries and labs. It also involves procurement of the licenses and permissions from the concerned authorities at different stages of development of the school.

Steps involved in opening a school

Various steps are involved in opening a school and getting affiliation like procurement of No Objection Certificate or recommendation by state education department. Therefore, if an individual wants to get CBSE Affiliation, then they have to ask for permission from the state department. The state department clarifies the documents and undertakes necessary procedures and either accepts or refuses the application. If, the state department refuses the application, then no affiliation will be approved by CBSE Board. Hence, for the franchise of CBSE affiliated School, the state education department must be fully convinced to obtain the green signal. Depending upon the needs and requirement, an individual can opt for any of the following types of affiliation:

  • Provisional Affiliation
  • Regular Affiliation
  • Permanent Affiliation

Increasing demands of CBSE Schools

CBSE Schools are present all over India because of the increasing demands and need for quality education. Therefore, it has become significant for the schools to get the affiliation from CBSE Board to get listed in the top schools of the country. Cambridge Public School Foundation is a non-profit organization, registered under government of NCT of Delhi in the year 2011. The main intention of the society is to endorse school education by establishing schools in India and parts of abroad providing education from Nursery to class XII with an established brand name. It is a research based organization with 10 years of experience in the education fraternity. The five star support system provided by Cambridge Public School Foundation ensures victory to the school. This support system includes personalized support, marketing guidance, recruitment and training, academic support and systems control.

To start your own Cambridge Public School Foundation School, you need to undertake following simple steps:

  • Fill in the details of the franchise form
  • Fill in the details of the franchise form
  • Get the site approved by the Cambridge Public School Foundation School management
  • Sign the Standard Franchise Agreement
  • Confirm about the Financial Arrangements with Funding Institutions (if required)
  • Start the School Designing Process
  • Start the School Construction as per the plan and layout
  • Procure furniture, teaching equipment etc. from the Suppliers
  • Follow Cambridge Public School Foundation School guidelines for appointment and recruitment of the quality staff
  • Advertise well in consultation with the PR and Marketing Department to popularize the brand and the launch of the School
  • Now, just follow the Cambridge Public School Foundation School Curriculum on a day-to-day basis to ensure a World-Class Schooling Experience for your Children.
Required Area to open a School

Minimum requirement for a Nursery-Class 12th School in Delhi, NCR is 4,000 sq. mts. While in metropolitan cities where population exceeds 25 Lakhs, the land should not be less than 1 acre with adequate building and proper arrangement of other facilities like physical and health education and games or activities in their grounds. In hilly areas, the land should not be less than one acre.

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