How to set up new school in India

To increase the literacy rate in the country, we need to invest in quality education and what else can be the best way to do it other than opening Schools in the country where foundation for rest of individual’s education is build.

Today education has become instrumental in leading a quality life and our governments have realised that it is only through quality education that we can build a prosperous society. Thus, governments have taken valuable initiatives to make education available to all its citizens. Schools play a great role in building foundational success for the children therefore it is important to have schools which provide quality education but also overall development to students.

Despite government’s steps to set up schools and provide quality education, there is lot of gap in in reaching to the full potential, that’s where the role of private sector comes in! However, one needs to abide by some principles steps to open new school in India:

Association with Society or Trust – If one is opening a new school in India which will have classes beyond Kindergartens, i.e. it will have classes 1,11 and beyond, then it is necessary to have registration under trust or society. Any school up to KG and LKG can be established by proprietorship/private limited company/trust/society.

Preparing a blueprint for new school- How does one begin? The way is to have a blue print ready for new school – good quality decisions have to be taken on following point

  • Location
  • Subjects
  • Teaching and Administrative staff
  • Five-year planning

Budgeting – to open a new school in India we need to pay heed to crucial part which is budgeting. To set up a primary school one requires up to 10 lakhs rupees from bank account. However, if one is aiming to have classes up to 10 + 2 in the new school, the budget can go around 2 crores or more.

Educational Ministry’s approval and affiliation- Getting approval Human Resource Development ministry is the pre requisite of setting up a new school. Apart from this one has to decide what sort of affiliation is one is looking for CBSE or ICSE or state boards.

Essential Documents– To open a new school requires loads of paper work, one needs to take Environmental Clearance for construction and see if the land has all proper facilities that it necessary in the school. Since to set up a new school requires huge investments in terms of finance, human resources, intellectual investments, it thus becomes necessary to obtain essential documents from various government departments.

Developing promotional strategies – Once all the above is put on board, it is very important to promote the brand that one has created and developing promotional strategy becomes important. The key areas that have to be looked upon while making promotional strategy are

  • Designing brochure
  • Curating content for brochure
  • Developing ads- Print ad, outdoor media ads and multimedia ads
  • Design a website and update it with relevant details for parents and students.

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